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Special Report: A Conversation with the Harrison, Arkansas Task Force on Race Relations / AKA Task Force For White Genocide

Special Interview - Thomas Robb Interviews Canada's Paul Fromm


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Your Hosts Thomas Robb and Rachel Pendergraft


Now in its 15th Year with Hosts Pastor Thomas Robb and Klan Spokeswoman Rachel Pendergraft Your #1 Source for News and Commentary about issues of concern to those of European descent. 

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Youth Focus is the top spot for racially aware young people to get their news.  Whether its entertainment news, school news, or world news, it will be of interest to proud white teens everywhere.  The program is hosted by Billy Roper, a former high school history and he has special hosts and guests each week.

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The Show has moved and is now on KKKradio.com

The White Women's Perspective brings news and views of interest to white women. No topic is too tough or is left out. Your host for the program is Rachel Pendergraft. She believes it is a white woman's duty to stand up for her birthright as a daughter of Jesus Christ. For too long proud white women have been left out of the discussion by liberals who want to denounce traditional values and by conservatives who won't touch the race issue. The White Nationalist Movement gives a voice to women everywhere! Click Here to Watch this week's Show #33

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Also Click Here for the White Pride Media Network with More Archives and More White Pride Shows from subjects listed below including Thomas Robb, David Duke, Rachel Pendergraft, William Pierce, and more.

 Watch Video Clips from Patriotic Meetings and Conferences. Speakers at some of these meetings include Don Black (Stormfront) Winston Smith (Political Cesspool) Wllis Carto (publisher Barnes Review and editor American Free Press) Ralph Forbes (Long time Political Activist and contributor to Barnes Review) Pastor Thomas Robb (Nat'l Director of The Knights Party / Thomas Robb Ministries ) Rachel Pendergraft (Klan spokeswoman and Patriotic speaker) Pastor Mark Downey (Kinsman Redeemer Ministries) Louis Beam (Long time Activist and Patriot) Robert Miles (Klan Leader) Richard Butler (Aryan Nations) Donald Johnson (Constitutional Attorney) Jason Robb (Constitutional Attorney) Dr. Ed Fields (The Truth At Last News) J.B. Stoner, (Activist and Political contender ) and more...

The Bible has an important message for the white race. Yet, this teaching is being with held by false shepherds while at the same time delivering a deadly dose of  deception.  Learn about the true world changing gospel of Jesus Christ, what it means for you, your family, and your racial nation.

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